Thursday, May 6, 2010

What? Cycle 2 is next week?

I have been feeling so energetic the past two weeks. Today's energy was spurred by a 3 mile run and a cup of coffffffeeeeee. I feel so good that I am actually anxiously awaiting my next chemo cycle. That may seem obsessive, but I'm very goal oriented. Ya know: "1 down, 5 to go... Let's get this show on the road so I can get back to my real life." So no, I am not worried that it's going to be worse than the last round because that would "not be fun". With the last cycle (April 19th) I was in the hospital at 9 am Monday through Wednesday 10 am. The rest of the week I sat around on the couch and played video games. Being a bump on a log is not something I do often or well - I know it's shocking to have found my weak point. I'm not saying that I am looking forward to how it will make me feel, as it was overall a somewhat crappy experience. I didn't have any energy, I am still way slower and much worn out than before, and I have occasional tingling in my hands and feet, and I felt vaguely nauseated for a week. Sort of your run-of-the-mill symptoms I suppose. Nonetheless next Monday will be another important milestone in the process and even though I'll be tethered to bags of poison, it feels a bit more "active".

For those who want to know, I am scheduled for hospital check-in at 9 am every three weeks on a Monday. Since the hospital provides free internet you'll also be able to email and/or skype (shellssc) me!

4/19 - check, done, complete, conquered, achieved, mastered
8/2 (last treatment of chemo!!!)
Radiation would likely start somewhere around 8/23 and be daily for 5-6 wks (haven't met the radiologist doctor yet)

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  1. Michelle, your Mother sent me your site. I do want you to know that my prayers are with you. You will slay this dragon, with your up-beat attitude.
    Hang in there,