Friday, April 30, 2010

Posse goes to beauty school

Christina had me pegged when she said I wanted to run home and just shave my head immediately once I had made up my mind to go that route. However in an uncharacteristic display of restraint, I waited until yesterday to cut my hair in order to have both friends participate and pictures to document the event. Christina, Jill, Alyssa, Erin, Todd, and Katarina got to help. Fun, cheese, chocolate, strawberries and a little bit of port were enjoyed in appropriate quantities.

Below are photos and commentary of what transpired.

The kids are quite excited by the idea of having some friends over for Beauty School. Sebastian is testing out a modern curly reddish do, while Katarina contemplates princess sparkle hair.

Or perhaps maybe blond goes better with Sebastian's blue eyes.
Not to be outdone Katarina gets in on the action.
Is that the first woman president or just a Hillary Clinton look-alike? Hilarity ensues and Christina is next.
Red curls were much more up her alley (that alley would also include chocolate for those who are interested).
So quiet and serious on the outside, this look brought out Jill's inner gym instructor. Don't you feel like dropping and giving her 20?
Erin finds the mop in dire need of some tie-backs.
Nothing a poke in the eye can't fix. SO SORRY!

Alyssa gets it on.
Katarina is thrilled that she gets to stay up past bedtime for the adventure.

Not wanting to be left out, surfer Todd appears.
Or was that Kurt Cobain?
Finally we're ready to pick out styles - this is the look I want to go for - Alyssa is confident we can achieve that "model" look by end of night.
Optimistically we strike out and let the styling begin. Seems like the first cut is the deepest as Katarina takes charge. It's not really a bad idea to let your 4 year old cut your hair, is it?
Maybe a bowl will help get a slightly straighter edge...
Yes, I am laughing so hard I'm crying! Or is it "I laugh for I cannot cry?"

Who knew this was a full service salon. Katarina generously applies some eye shadow.
And then applies some more eye shadow. You can never have enough blue eye shadow, right?

Relax and have your nails done while I give the side a litle trim.
You wanted business in the front and party in the back, right?

After firing stylist #1 I'm crossing my fingers that I'll get some good old fashioned techniques they still employ in Christina's stomping grounds in Auburn. The full service salon extends to other clientele who can enjoy yoga toes while they wait for their turn.
Christina is concentrating hard at making sure this cut will be even, smooth and stylish.
Can you say "wow"? It's the best of both worlds - like a mullett with a rat tail.

Such attention to detail is hard to find in a stylist these days. Especially one that's free.
This is however one of those styles that requires three people to help you get ready in the morning. I am just not sure I can invest that much time and commitment on a daily basis.
Gratuitous product placement.

Even grade A stylists need to go to bed after 9 pm (don't forget this was Thursday night and she had her big Kindergarten entrance exam the next day). Also note the fact that this style is still long enough to braid.
Alas the cut was too much effort to maintain so another stylist had to be fired.

She's very serious about her work.

Nothing says high fashion like being bedazzled with sparkles.


Just check out those edgy steps in the back.

When all else fails you go to someone you trust to take your problem seriously.
Did she really just say "uh-oh"?
Jill describes her masterpiece like one of those dogs that looses patches of fur.
I'm sure I can trust my husband to get it right...

Alyssa thought my ears were pointy so I threw my best gang signs and threatened to kick that Klingon's butt!
Maybe it wasn't such a good haircut, but I love him anyway. And he loves me too anyway.

You want the job done right ya gotta do it yourself.
Finally perfection! It's a "model" look, just like from the magazine. Wait, is that a bowl of hair?

I couldn't ask for better friends and I shouldn't try or the current posse will kick my butt. This night ranks as one of my top 5 best nights ever!
Final product after a shower.


  1. Michelle, that's quite a bit of fun! I love how you invited friends over to help with the process. I can't figure out if I think the final product is defiant or happy or what. It's a great shot. Karl's mom used to say (when people talked about her kids) "We drowned the ugly ones" and a bald head is very beautiful on you. Best,

  2. Dang it, I'm so bummed I missed such an awesome party...dumb work!! I don't think getting my hair styled has EVER been that much fun!

    You are a rockin' chick makin' the most out of every moment - what an inspiration you are :)


  3. Girl! Wow, you sure can rock any look! And I am gay so I am genetically incapable of saying such things when they are untrue. It is rare that a girl can REALLY pull off a bald look but it makes you just notice your face that I swear has not changed one iota since High School. For that, I hate you. But I loved your latest post about the nurses and "risk management." I may be mean in some of my car blogs, but you definitely have a bit of a snarky edge in your writing. Kudos.

  4. I found your blog on planetcancer...what a wonderful post!! You have quite a special group of friends and family...who ever thought shaving your head could be such fun!! One of my sisters was my personal hairdresser, and we too had a lot of fun transforming me into a beautiful bald babe. :)

    I too keep a blog, so if you ever feel like delving into someone else's cancer experience, check it out! :)