Saturday, May 22, 2010

Atlas Shrugged - aka the weight of the world

In "the good ol' days" people were likely to lose a lot of weight during chemotherapy because of the nausea that is involved. However, modern medicine has cured that problem and now, thanks to anti-nausea medicine and lack of energy, some people can even look forward to gaining weight. Can you say "that's just not fair!?"

Most people who know me well have heard me fret about my weight at one point or another. Shockingly, I wasn't svelte when I was younger. In fact, some kindly referred to it as "babyfat" and others unkindly referred to it as "thunder-thighs". I inherited my father's weak spot for ice cream, chocolate and I are on a first name basis, and coffee really is better when it has a big fat dollop of real cream and sugar.

This new adventure over the past three months is just a roller-coaster of a ride on the scale. Lose 13 lbs. Promptly gain it it back. Rinse. Repeat. Overall the downward trend leaves me optimistic that I will be able to fit back into my jeans that I had before I got married and "b.c." (before children). And my friend said, the only thing worse than having cancer is having cancer and a fat ass.

Well woman exam: $40 copay
Biopsy: $40 copay
Hysterectomy: $100 copay
Chemotherapy: $600 copay
Radiation: $40 copay
Wigs: $250 copay
Being skinny: Priceless
For everything else there's insurance!

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  1. Megan & I always look forward to rocking the real cream in our coffee at Chez Wagner!