Monday, May 10, 2010

follow the yellow brick road (and blog postings via email)

The familiar "duh ding duh ding" of skype called me out of a benadryl induced coma. My mom was calling me. Of course I had to answer as it was sure to be important. I guessed right, she wanted to know how to sign up and follow my blog - but not just to "follow it" she wanted email delivered to her inbox. I hadn't given it much though even though I love that I have a bunch of followers. I had tinkered with things a bit last week to try and see if it would email, but hadn't gone so far as to try and figure anything out. So tonight with a bit of time on my hands and some additional prodding from Alyssa I think I've figured out how you can sign up to get email. It's a test feature at this point, but presumably it will work for those who want to get a little email in their inbox as I post changes. I am testing it tonight with my own yahoo account and we'll see what happens. Cross your fingers for good computer luck tonight.

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