Monday, May 10, 2010

#2 is upon us, er, me...

I am sitting in the hospital. No, I don't want you to feel sorry for me 'cause right now I'm laughing. In my day job I deal with processes and preventing risk all the time. So here I am, sitting in the hospital and am just laughing at how screwy their risk management processes are. Every time I come in they ask certain questions such as whether or not I wear glasses or contacts (I don't), whether I have allergies (none related to medical stuff), and my address and insurance information (which hasn't changed in many many years). They caution me to not get up and walk the 3 feet to the bathroom if I'm dizzy without help so that I won't fall (and presumably sue them?) So, isn't it surprising that for cycle #1 when I checked in to the hospital they didn't have any idea why I was there? They had record of me checking in, but just had no idea what to do with me. And this time the orders were "submitted" but not "electronically signed", so they couldn't be processed. And to top it off my nurse just came in and asked me what kind of treatment I was supposed to be getting. Her: "You got the the 24 hours of taxol last time, not the three hour dose, right?" Me: "Yeah, uhm, why?" Her: "That's what I thought. But don't worry, I'll fix it." Me, too shocked to say the obvious: "WHAT????" My nurse is great. She's the one that's paying attention here and triple checking things to make sure they're right. I guess she's the last preventive control before stuff gets dripped into my veins, so I'd better trust her.

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