Monday, February 28, 2011

and then they call...

So the phone finally rang. Yeah the doctor's office kept me waiting all day. The nurse had to go track down some of my lab tests. She called me to tell me what the results were before the doctor has even seen them. So I have no medical interpretation of the results... I think I would have preferred her to tell me that she didn't have any news rather than tell me 1/2 an answer. And that's cause the answer's not the one I was hoping for. Sure my Thyroid and metabolic rate is in the normal range and my CBC (complete blood count) is mostly normal. My Hematocrit is a tiny bit low (35.9 when normal is above 36).

Let me preface the news with the statement that things really haven't changed since my last test in November. I had an abnormal is PAP with atypical cells of undetermined significance. In November the results also showed that I was HPV negative. At the time my doctor reassured me that abnormal cells are extremely common post-radiation and that he was not concerned. So this round of tests showed that the pesky abnormal cells are still there, but now I'm HPV positive. That brings two questions to mind: 1. is the change from HPV negative to positive of medical significance? and 2. is it likely that the cells would still exhibit "normal abnormal" characteristics 4 months after radiation? And by that I mean shouldn't they be "normal normal" by now??? Alas I have to wait until WEDNESDAY until the doctor can review my results and comment on them. He's in surgery on Tuesdays, you know, saving lives and all...

Not to worry though, I already spent 5 whole minutes doing internet searches to convince myself that "no, the results are not something to freak out about". But if you don't mind, I might just sit here and obsess for the next two days anyway.

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