Monday, February 28, 2011

and yet they keep you waiting

The doctor's office tells you it will be about 5 business days to get results. But if your appointment is on a Friday you can bet that they won't actually have any results the following Friday. And since that following Friday was so busy you won't actually remember or think about it until Saturday. And then you'll have the whole weekend to wonder about WHY the results are delayed. Did they want to wait until Monday so that they could schedule a follow-up appointment on Tuesday to see you? When I was first diagnosed my doctor called me on a Wednesday afternoon and asked me to come in first thing the next morning. So if they had bad news it would just make sense to wait until Monday. Wouldn't want to drop the bomb on Friday afternoon and have me worry about it all weekend. Any minute now the phone is going to ring and they'll tell me it's all just fine. But until then just excuse me while I sit here and obsess.

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