Thursday, April 22, 2010

wig shopping...

Today some of my posse (Erin, Alyssa, Christina and darling Anna) took me to try on some wigs. There are websites that claim that it's only a 96% chance you'll loose your hair when you take taxol and that cisplatin has an even better success rate with hair retention. Turns out that's not true (darn the internet!) My oncologist told me I should be planning to loose it all (and I don't think he was happy with me banking on that 4%). Mainly that's because taxol can given in multiple strengths over different lengths of time (some as short as 3 hours). I'm getting one of the more intense treatments (can you say overachiever - or is it just more of my good luck?).

So we went to check out a place that the internet recommended as having "vast selection" and fantastic service. Little did I know that would be a very expensive salon $1500-$2500 for a "real hair". Here are a few of the pictures...

I was sort of thinking more along the lines of this, which I conveniently had stashed around the house since the Halloween when Todd dressed up as a catholic school girl...

Kidding aside, I'm still trying to figure out when/if/how to make the big switch from my own hair to bald with or without wig. I have about another 2 weeks before my hair is supposed to be affected, but have heard more than once that you're better off to preempt such things.

Interestingly when I first had some abnormal cells, one friend made a really funny joke about shaving her head if it was "cancer". My sister was already planning this for another cancer fundraiser and another friend is now also on board. I didn't know it was such a popular thing and now I'm feeling somewhat behind the curve on cutting my tresses. So, that will probably be the next big "event" and if anyone wants to shave their head with me/for me/for fun/for not-fun /watch the fun/etc. I'd be happy to share the joy (possibly even as early as this weekend).


  1. Keeping with the super-hero theme, have you considered purple locks like the girl from "Kick-Ass"??? -E&M

  2. P.S. Catholic Schoolgirl Todd = disturbing. -E&M

  3. Awesome. I say go with the Demi Moore / Sigourney Weaver and rock the dome.

  4. @e&m - purple is an option - going shopping again on Tuesday at another place more my style. We'll see what I come up with.

  5. I like 2 & 4. :) Haven't you ALWAYS wanted curly hair?