Wednesday, April 28, 2010

hair today, gone tomorrow and other uncluttering

If you've followed things this far you know that baldness is in my future. "They" say it's one of those things you should embrace on your own terms and preempt. So I have invited some of my posse to help and/or heckle as I attack the locks that have threatened to fail me. (if ya want to join the party it's 4/29 at 8 pm at my house). Think of it like a preemptive strike (George W ought to be so proud). I might even feel up to drinking 1/2 a glass of non-approved wine or beer. Or maybe it's better to not drink and use clippers, which probably fall into some category of "power tools"... I mean what could go wrong? It's not like it could come out uneven. Many people have been kind enough to ask how I am going to cope emotionally with this very sensitive topic - remember how concerned my doctor was? I am probably a bit more pragmatic and just have to quote one of my friends who said "You will immediately see the efficiency in the whole hair loss thing and embrace it. It is very liberating." I appreciate that and have been known to cut my hair short for the sole purpose of reducing maintenance time. Not that I am necessarily proposing it as a permanent solution, but if you consider the efficiency. I would be trading ALL THIS:


Seems like a good deal from an uncluttering perspective. Then factor in the fact that a moderately priced haircut/color costs between $30-$100 plus tip every 6-8 weeks and a good wig can be purchased on the internet for ~$150... I think you're starting to see that there are multiple upsides and potentially even envy me now, aren't you?


  1. So is that a picture of the wig you bought online? I like! Have fun with your hair cutting party tomorrow. I'm home with Caitlin tomorrow night or else I probably would have shown up with a bottle of wine in hand. :)

  2. Would like to be there virtually... skype?