Wednesday, June 3, 2015

time keeps on slipping.... into the future

It has been 4 1/2 years. Many people who signed up to follow my blog will probably have forgotten that they even subscribed when they get the email telling them there's a new post. But I'm still here. No signs of any cancer and I'm so close to hitting the magical 5 year mark. That special milestone that is supposed to make everyone breathe a sigh of relief and put the whole thing behind us. Finally we can then forget that it ever happened. Some have already have forgotten. Sometimes the memory is triggered and someone will say "oh yea, that's right you *had* cancer". Distant past for them already. For others who don't see me as often it's the first thing they ask. The "How *are* you?" with a worried look and a bit too much emphasis in the words. And then I question if I am the one reading into things. But it's good to know people are genuine in their inquiry. This is better than the passing "how's it going" that fills most people's exchanges. But we're almost there. Then the "How are yous" can revert to a genuine inquiry, but hopefully the worried hesitant tone will be replaced with an enthusiasm for a new topic.

Speaking of putting it all behind me, I still plan to cut off all my hair. I have been growing it for a few years now. I haven't planned far enough in advance to know exactly what the details will be, but plan for something later this year. Sometime after my October check-up...

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