Monday, June 23, 2014

Almost there...

About a year ago I started a post called "1/2 way there". I don't know why I never finished it enough to hit the publish button. Maybe it was a busy day and I got distracted doing something else. I don't know that I enjoyed the distraction any better. So instead the posts have languished. I have been busy being a dutiful mom, loving wife, good employee, engaged citizen, and detail oriented PTA treasurer. I guess writing a blog that most people don't follow anymore didn't seem like the top priority. But every once in a while my mind wanders to those women whose blogs I came across when I was in the midst of my own treatment. I want so desperately for them to be okay. And sometimes I try to search for them. But that was years ago and I didn't bookmark them.  Rather I have transient images burned into my brain of women with no hair, going through something so tangibly real to me. And so I promised myself that I would not drop off the blogosphere forever. I would finish my story for good or ill. And fortunately, there is no ill in my life right now. I've been following my check-up plans. I am now on the 6-month rotation and have hit the 3.5 years no-news-is-good-news point. Not *the* major milestone that will come at 5 years, but damn it if it's not great news.  I am pleased as punch that I have nothing to write about. If it weren't for this stupid summer cold I would say I'm perfectly healthy.  And so with that I will sign off - probably until November, because then we'll be at 4 years post-treatment.

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