Thursday, September 13, 2012

Our doctor knows more than your doctor

So you're probably wondering why I haven't posted about the results of my last CAT scan, right? Since my last post was in May and I was already a few days behind getting it scheduled it is logical to assume I have already had my scan and that all things were fine. This is assumed because I would have posted otherwise, right? Well enter stage left an insurance company. Not an EVIL insurance company. Just your regular old FOR-PROFIT insurance company. During my treatment I was pretty happy with my medical insurance company. I know I joyfully challenged my disability insurance each time they closed or rejected a claim; but my health care coverage was pretty easy to deal with.

Now that I'm due for "routine monitoring" THEY disagree with my doctor's belief that I should have a CAT scan. THEY think that I should have new symptoms before I get a scan. THEY are jerks. Up to 70% of patients with my facts and circumstances will relapse - and the majority of recurrences happen within 2 years of diagnosis.  Sure most of those probably had some severe symptom. But that's what alternatively enrages me and has caused me to be somewhat of an Ostrich with my head in the sand. I didn't have any symptoms before the cancer was detected. You know, it was detected at stage 4, had spread to my lymph nodes, and I had a tumor the size of a walnut on my ovary. I didn't have any discomfort, no pain in my bones, no bleeding, and I was running 20-ish miles a week.

It seems pretty simple to me that this is the most critical time to be vigilant with surveillance. It's a shame that my insurance company disagrees.

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