Thursday, January 20, 2011

confidence gets a boost or maybe I should wear my wigs?

Normal hair grows about a half inch per month. Mine has always been slow and it feels like it has really been slow coming in. Finally in January I was ready for my first professional cut in 10 months. It had actually started to get "long" for my tastes (if 1 1/2 inches can ever be long) and I was ready to exert a little control over it. Even though I have received a lot of compliments on my short hair - some from complete strangers - I have been wanting something that had some purpose and that I controlled. As my stylist said the key to super short hair is having some details so that people know you intended for it to look that way. So she snipped away here and there and I walked out with a big grin. I was happy for a few days but slowly it started to weigh on me that I still didn't feel like I had accomplish what I had intended. It just didn't feel dramatic enough. My next move was to pick up some hair color. I decided a nice red was warranted. That also didn't seem to do the trick. A few restless days later I pulled out the clippers and went shorter. Todd really liked my hair when it was super short (~1/2 inch - 1 inch maybe) - I know, I'm as shocked as anyone!  So, I figured it was worth a shot to take off some more length.  It still doesn't seem to satisfy my need to control my hair and make it look the way I wanted it to (no need to point out that I'm probably not qualified to be own hair stylist). The main problem is probably that the texture has changed significantly in the last five months and it also grew in quite sparsely at first. It started out as a very fine super-blond and then grew thicker and darker over the first 1/4 inch. So when my hair was 1/2 inch long it was a completely different texture and color than it is now. I think I will need to just be patient, let it grow a bit, and not be too dramatic. Since it's so short there's no doubt I'll alternatively want to cut and grow it every few weeks. On the other hand it also may change color and texture again without any interference from me. I have never in my life had hair this thick and it's anyone's guess if it will last. I do have to admit that I love the ease of washing and "styling" it. I think that if I can just be confident that it looks purposeful then I should be okay to not mess with it too much. Or, if it really bugs me I could always pull my wigs back out and put them on for fun.

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