Monday, August 23, 2010

you're hot then you're cold; you're yes then you're no...

It seems like so many things in my life recently have been on a serious roller coaster. So riddle me this one batman: am I up or down after you juxtapose the good and bad news?

Lost 5 lbs, BUT it was likely all water weight from edema that's likely something I'll have to permanently deal with.

My radiation got rescheduled to a more desirable time (7:50AM appointments rather than 8:30), BUT I still have to go through radiation.

My hair might be growing in light blond, which is seriously cool since it was very dark blond before I shaved it off, BUT it's starting to fall out again and I'm down to a total of 5 long lashes on both eyes and about 6 long eyebrow. On the other hand it is growing and it gives me something to pick at.

I ran 3.1 miles this morning and only had to walk 2 times and only for about 10 seconds each time. I also sprinted the last 200 feet and felt great; BUT I was still only at a 12 minute mile and I wasn't able to run very far last Friday on my long run (4.5 miles) and to be on track for the October 1/2 marathon I should have been at 6 miles...

I got tattooed by the radiation technician, BUT they were only four little dots and that's not very cool and/or exciting.

This weekend I decluttered a bunch of stuff, swept, mopped, and polished the kitchen, dining room, and living room BUT I scarred the kids in doing so & I still have a HUGE pile of toys in the entry hall where I relocated them from the living room.

This weekend I also went to see Lady GaGa and she was awesome BUT I had to get up at 4 am when someone had an accident in their bed.

If you know me at all you know I'm up!

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  1. How was Lady Gaga??? Did you guys dress up for the occasion? I think I would have worn a Northwest totem-style raven mask for a regional take. I read this quip in a gossip magazine the other day while I was waiting to have a prescription filled and it cracked me up: "The way his wife is behaving, Lord Gaga must be the laughingstock of parliament!"