Monday, August 16, 2010

more insurance woes... aka I don't know how to do it all...

I am now "officially back" at work and boy do I love my job. Immediately I got slammed with two large reviews and I have also stepped back into a management role at my favorite client. The gentleman who had taken over for me while I was out for surgery and chemo is moving to Las Vegas, so the natural move is for me to take up the reins. Timing seems perfect and since I love the people there is no client I would rather serve. But I do need to pay attention to balancing things. Although busy hands are happy hands I probably can't be as over-zealous about work as I used to be. I thrive on stress - but right now that's probably not the best idea. So it really puts a lazer-like focus on doing a better job of creating work/life balance. You know, the thing I never seemed to have before the stuff hit the fan. Remember the Thanksgiving that I gave up my vacation time and worked on a proposal while my family was in town? You know, the proposal that we didn't even win. Yeah - those are the choices I didn't like making before, but am trying to avoid like the plague going forward. I will also have another administrative burden to handle: radiation. I went to the radiation oncologist last week to discuss my treatment plan. I will be going back later this week to get a CAT scan so the good Doc can make sure he knows where all my parts are. Then they program the radiation machine. A week or two later I get to start my daily infusion of superpower #2. I am presuming that Scotty won't be able to accidentally beam me up since they will be using a precise pattern focusing on the surgery site and lymph nodes. I don't have the exact schedule yet, but it is likely to start the last week of August. As for the logistics, it will be daily treatment making it a large time commitment.

So I decided to call my company's leaves and disability team. The sad news is that they will only cover disability if I'm out the whole day. It's an all-or-nothing deal. So, I could (easily) get approved to be out of work full-time for the 6 weeks of radiation or have a few hours eaten up by radiation and on top of that put in my 8-10 hour day... hmmm, neither one sounds like a fun way to spend most of September and October. The creative option is to work my butt off for 3-4 days a week and then have them write me out for 1-2 days of disability so I can recover and take it easy. My company and management have been wonderfully supportive, so I have no qualms about any of this actually being a problem. It's just another thing that I didn't think I would ever have to worry about.

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