Tuesday, October 16, 2012

all's well that ends well?

Yesterday I went to follow up on the nonocclusive thrombus (and by the way - doesn't thrombus sound like the name of the brooms from Harry Potter?). According to the ultrasound technician I have excellent blood flow - and in fact she said: "If everyone's veins were this great it would make my day" (yes, she said I could quote her). So I guess I'm still perfect on the inside as far as any machines can tell. I am not sure how soon it will sink in that I'm over a big hump. Getting the "all clear" for cancer at the 2-year mark was a bit muddled with the news of the thrombus - you know, the one that wasn't even there.

Also, the irony was not lost on me that I am one of the team captains for Deloitte's Heart Walk. As I was sitting in the waiting room yesterday to get my ultrasound, I missed an update call for team leads before the walk this weekend. I was weighing the importance getting donations to help fund technology and education to do stroke and heart disease research as I was waiting to go into a room where I was examined by an Intern using said equipment.  The really funny part is that when I was asked to take on the heart walk role I didn't really feel like it was "my cause". Sure I knew people who had been affected; but I didn't have a deep personal need to raise money.  In a matter of a few weeks that all changed as I spent this whole weekend stressing that I could have a blood clot that would lodge itself in some critical place in my body and kill me. Darn it.

So - even though I had no intention of trying hard to raise money... if you want to donate to the Heart Walk that I'm doing this weekend you can:


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