Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Really? Two whole months since the last post?

Yes, for those of you following along at home it has been almost two whole months since my last post. I promised myself that when writing a blog I would make frequent and meaningful updates. But alas, when nothing medical is going on, I don't feel like it is appropriate to just write random updates. But, if you want those, you could become my Facebook friend.

But tomorrow, Wednesday the 18th, is a post-worthy milestone. Early in the morning I will be going in for a CAT scan and later in the morning I have a doctor's appointment with my oncologist, where he will presumably tell me that everything is okay. Then I will donate some blood and other cells to some poor guy in a lab somewhere and in another week I'll get the green light to breathe again (at least until my August check-up). 

The other major news is that today is one of the nicest days of the year in Seattle. It finally stopped raining for long enough that the back patio isn't really soggy. In fact, it's supposed to stay nice the rest of the week. So, I am going to cut this post short and go outside and enjoy what's left of the sunshine!

1 comment:

  1. Have missed your posts. However, I'm glad you've been feeling well, and are enjoying life. BTW, we have your rain!!! Enjoy the sunshine...

    Good luck tomorrow.